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[Warning] The NOMAD database is currently not reviewed anymore for lack of resources to curate and update the data uploaded by solution providers. We however leave the platform accessible for information purposes - please get in touch with us if you'd like to support the restart of the project.

NOMAD has developed an Online Selection Assistant to connect your organization or project with one of 50 mobile data collection solutions. NOMAD also includes a secondment service comprised of experienced field personnel who are ready to deploy to train your organization how to use mobile data collection technology or to support in the collection of such data.

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Posted by Martin Noblecourt on Oct 20, 2016

The UNMAS-GICHD Technology Workshop is the premiere event for humanitarian mine action operators and developers to meet and learn from each other about latest innovations and research as well as challenges, concerns and opportunities from industry innovators and experts.

Posted by Martin Noblecourt on Jul 28, 2016

The NOMAD workshop we organized in January 27-28th in Amman, Jordan, with the support from Solidarités International and UNHCR was a great success. Many of the 106 participants from the event expressed their wish to keep the NOMAD community alive between events, which encouraged us to finish the update of our website and the launch of a Slack communication platform.

Posted by Martin Noblecourt on Feb 24, 2016

NOMAD workshop convenes aid actors and mobile technology providers to discuss digital solutions to data needs in humanitarian contexts

Kempinski Hotel, Amman, Jordan, January 27-28

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