Amman 2016 NOMAD Workshop

27-28 January, Kempinski Hotel, Amman, Jordan

The humanitarian system is generating tremendous amounts of information. Collecting timely and reliable data plays a key role in guiding strategic programming and ensuring an effective and accountable humanitarian response towards affected populations. Recently, there has been an increase in reliance on mobile data collection tools in needs assessment, programme monitoring, and other activities around the humanitarian programme cycle. Mobile tools as well as data management and visualization platforms  are already enabling aid agencies with an improved and expedited understanding of humanitarian needs allowing them to design and implement quicker lifesaving responses. Nevertheless, challenges remain  in safely managing large amounts of data and transforming them into digestible and useful information for operation management and programming.

This year’s edition will take on a field-driven approach, providing aid actors with a unique opportunity to share their day-to-day challenges. Participants will benefit from user feedback of various aid organizations (including Solidarités International and UNHCR that are supporting and sponsoring the event), hands-on demonstrations by mobile data collection solution providers, and will share the expertise of NOMAD’s consortium lead CartONG and iMMAP in implementing MDC projects.

The event is organized by CartONG, iMMAP and Solidarités and generously sponsored by UNHCR.

Paris 2013 NOMAD Workshop

15 May – 17 May 2013,CNES, Paris, France

Technology companies met with members of the humanitarian and international development community to showcase their latest advances in smartphone-based data tools at the French Space Agency Headquarters (CNES) in Paris. More than 10 tool providers demonstrated their products in both auditorium and small-capped sessions to over twenty participating aid agencies at the NOMAD-hosted workshop entitled Linking Humanitarian Organizations with Mobile Data Collection Tool Providers. Half a dozen of these agencies also presented on their user experiences with mobile tools.

Geneva 2011 NOMAD Workshop

22 June – 23 June 2011, iMMAP Office in the ACAPS Building, Geneva, Switzerland

Since September 2010, iMMAP has been coordinating the ‘Humanitarian Operations Mobile Acquisition of Data’ (NOMAD) project. The project is funded by the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales and aims to develop an economically and operationally sustainable consultancy service for the design and implementation of remote field data collection and transmission projects.