The following information is related to NOMAD workshops as well as other workshops of interest regarding space applications, mobile data collection and mobile data collection for humanitarian relief efforts.

Toulouse Space Show

25 June – 28 June 2012, Pierre Baudis Convention Centre, Toulouse, France

The objective of this year’s Toulouse Space Show is to enable developers of solutions and Space applications to discuss ideas with users and imagine with them the solutions and services of the future. The 2010 Toulouse Space Show was attended by nearly a thousand participants from 32 countries, as well as 81 exhibitors. For this year’s event, the organisers have been contacted by many new countries wishing to be represented in 2012.

FP7 Space Call and Beyond

20 June – 21 June 2012, Surrey University, Surrey, United Kingdom

The objective of the FP7 space work programme is to support a European Space Policy focusing on applications such as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), with benefits for citizens, but also other space foundation areas for the competitiveness of the European space industry. This will contribute to fulfil the overall objectives of the European Space Policy, complementing efforts of Member States and of other key players, including the European Space Agency.

WGET UN Emergency Telecom Conference

27 March – 28 March 2012, UNICEF HQ, New York, USA

The Sub-Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications (WGET) is an open forum to facilitate the operational use of telecommunications in the service of humanitarian assistance, and to increase the effectiveness of its participants related to regulatory, operational and technical aspects of telecommunications for disaster relief. After its first meeting on 16 November 1994, two plenary meetings are held every year and ad hoc meetings are organized as required.

During March 27-28 2012, the WGET UN Emergency Telecom Conference was held in New York where NOMAD was presented.