Mobile Data Collection: how does it work?

Here’s where things get a little technical.

We’re trying to figure out how to simply explain how mobile data collection works, so bear with us as we work through the explanation (and hopefully get a new graphic). The graphic below looks complicated, but the process itself is pretty straightforward.

You obtain the right hardware and software (in the way of an operating system and/or application — also known as an “app”).

You collect conduct the mobile data collection

The data gets processed. See below how the paper format option enters at this stage. If a paper and ink (traditional approach) option is used, you would need your Information Management staff to enter the data into the computer.

Data is uploaded to a server, then transferred to a database.

Then data is in a format and location to start analysis, interpretation, and able to be shared.

Click on the arrow below to see three examples of mobile data collection tools that are among the tools that NOMAD’s online assistant might link you with: ABCS@t, Oasis and Imogene.

And of course if it all seems a little too complicated, don’t hesitate to email us at


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