Thanks to all the participants to the NOMAD workshop in Amman on January 27-28th. Proceedings an presentations will be uploaded progressively.


The NOMAD project links aid organizations with the latest information management tools to more easily collect, analyse and manage data. NOMAD has developed an Online Selection Assistant to connect your organization or project with one of 31 mobile data collection solutions.

NOMAD also includes a secondment service comprised of experienced field personnel who are ready to deploy to train your organization how to use mobile data collection technology or to support in the collection of such data.

From 31 tried and tested mobile data collection tools with various advantages and technical specs, the Selection Assistant custom fits to users’ needs by asking a series of questions, e.g. Are you conducting a one-off or reoccurring assessment? How technically inclined are the staff using these tools? How do you want to visualise the data? At the end of the survey, the best options are indicated along with a summary report that explains how and why the options provided to you are best.

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NOMAD Workshop 2016 – January 27-28th, Amman

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The humanitarian system is generating tremendous amounts of information. Collecting timely and reliable data plays a key role in guiding strategic programming and ensuring an effective and accountable humanitarian response towards affected populations. Recently, there has been an increase in reliance on mobile data collection tools in needs assessment, programme monitoring, and other activities around the humanitarian programme cycle. Mobile tools as well as data management and visualization platforms  are already enabling aid agencies with an improved and expedited understanding of humanitarian needs allowing them to design and implement quicker lifesaving responses. Nevertheless, challenges remain  in safely managing large amounts of data and transforming them into digestible and useful information for operation management and programming.

Join us at the NOMAD workshop on January 27th and 28th, 2016; at the Kempinski Hotel, Amman, to discuss best practices and solutions to:

  • Mobile data collection (MDC) tools
  • Turn data into actionable knowledge;
  • Ensure data security;
  • Improve visualisation and interoperability of platforms;

NOMAD is a groundbreaking project that links charities and aid agencies with the latest in mobile data collection solutions using a free online wizard. NOMAD can also deploy experienced humanitarians to help implement or train people on how to use these solutions.

This year’s edition will take on a field-driven approach, providing aid actors with a unique opportunity to share their day-to-day challenges. Participants will benefit from user feedback of various aid organizations (including Solidarités International and UNHCR that are supporting and sponsoring the event), hands-on demonstrations by mobile data collection solution providers, and will share the expertise of NOMAD’s consortium lead CartONG and iMMAP in implementing MDC projects.

We want this workshop to be fully interactive: you can send your questions & issues (we will try to tackle them during a practical Question & Answer session), as well as offer to present the workarounds you’ve found and suggest MDC solutions you’d like to see presented, to HumanitarianNOMADproject@gmail.com

You can already register on this page: http://nomad-workshop.eventbrite.fr

The full agenda and other details will be posted soon.

You can follow the news about the event on our Facebook page and our Twitter @humNOMAD.

We all at NOMAD are looking forward to seeing you in Amman in January for productive and collaborative discussions and sessions!

UNHCR call for expression of interest for a Mobile Data Collection project

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The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) have released a call for expression of interest for a Mobile Data Collection (MDC) project with the Public Health Section, covering support to the roll out of MDC in various countries in the thematic areas of nutrition, WASH and vaccinations over the year 2014. Interested partners can respond through a simple concept note as an expression of interest. The closing date for the expression of interest is the 30th November 2013 and applications should be sent to HQPHN@unhcr.org.


Download EOI DPSM_PHS_NUT001 MDC project

Workshop 2013 results & survey

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For two and a half days from May 15th – 17th the French Space Agency Headquarters in Paris (CNES) hosted a workshop showcasing the latest advances in smartphone-based data tools and the use of these tools by aid agencies to deliver demonstrably life saving improvements in assistance.  Representatives of ten technology providers each presenting a distinct smartphone-based data collection tool met with aid practitioners from more than twenty different aid agencies for a series of product demonstrations, aid worker testimonials of prior experiences using smart-phone data tools and a tool fair.

The NOMAD Project, an organization of humanitarian and digital information management experts dedicated to helping aid agencies navigate the available tool options, compare and contrast mobile data solutions, and reach informed decisions on the solution(s) that will be of greatest use to their operations, convened the participants, coming from more than twenty different countries.  Fifty-eight per cent of the attendees (excluding the tool providers) had never used a mobile data collection solution before.  Of those fifty-eight per cent, seventy-seven per cent said that they left the workshop inspired to introduce smartphone-based data collection methods to their organisation.  Collected via twitter and in person, event attendees remarked on the workshop’s success, describing it as a “great few days here at #nomadws, lots of amazing ideas and brilliant contacts” and “plenty of exciting discussions involving users & providers of #MDC {mobile data collection] tools at the #nomadws: this will help users leverage their full potential.” A representative from PSI Mobile, one of the data tool providers that presented at the workshop, eloquently stated his organisation’s satisfaction with the workshop as follows:

“As a solution provider, the opportunity to meet many humanitarian organisations specifically to discuss digital data gathering has been excellent. We have been provided with a forum to present our solution and to engage directly with a community with operational requirements in real life programmes. We have also had the opportunity to listen to other solution providers, which has provided a source of both new ideas and also potential partnership opportunities. We look forward to the next NOMAD event.”

With over ninety per cent of the event attendees satisfied, NOMAD’s team would be glad to organize another event, in order to implement the wonderful ideas the community submitted to them (hackathon with solution providers, thematic sessions, focus groups, etc.) – if funding can be found again for it!

In the meantime the presentations from the workshop have been published on NOMAD’s website. The organizations behind NOMAD, IMMAP and CartONG, will also keep up with their upcoming GIS, data collection and information management trainings, and recruit more data tool providers to feature their mobile data solutions on the Online Selection Assistant that NOMAD has created to help aid agencies compare and contrast providers and find data tools best tailored to their needs.


You can also see the Survey Result of the Paris Workshop here.